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  • The Best Lasers in the Industry
  • Expert Medical Specialists
  • Very Satisified Clients returning to us from as far as Canada and Costa Rica
  • Low-overhead allows us to offer incredible services for affordable prices

Extreme Results--Acne Scarring, Wrinkle-Reduction, Skin-Tightening , Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal.
Old-School Customer Service--We sincerely care about you.
Our experts spend time walking you through questions, pre-treatment and aftercare protocols,
for your complete comfort and confidence. There's no reason to go anywhere else.


Important things to know when you are deciding on a Laser Procedure.
Be sure and ask our competitors about these details!
  Us: Ablative Fractional Resurfacing with C02 Laser
  Them: Non-ablative (does not actually remove skin). Using Erbium and Yag Lasers, IPL, Ultherapy, Ultrasound, High-Frequency, Needling and other devices that offer ineffective or temporary results.
  Us: Laser Hair Removal with 755nm Alex and 1064nm Yag Lasers -- real lasers, real results. Most clients see reduction after just one session. Pay as you go prices.
  Them: IPL (not a laser) or Diode (ineffective). Even those with real lasers will sell you expensive (unnecessary) "packages". Run from packages! Just buy what you need. Also beware that some places keep you on a power too low for you, just so you'll have to keep coming in.
  Us: Laser Tattoo Removal with one of the few RUBY lasers in Texas, along with the 1064 Yag and 532, for removal of ALL colors. We offer pay as you go prices -- the lowest in Texas. We will match any competitor's regulary advertised price.
  Them: Most clinics do not have the Ruby laser, which removes the light shades of blue and aqua. Very few offer the C02 Advantage and none match our prices. Why pay more for the same (or inferior) service?
  What is the Tatt Removal C02 Advantage? C02 resurfacing in-between tattoo removal sessions breaks up any ink caught in scar-tissue, reduces any scarring already on the area and increases collagen production, expediting and assisting the overall elimination of tattoo ink, for the best end-result.